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About Alkapi Water of Yorba Linda

At Alkapi Water Yorba Linda, not only do we provide the clearest and purest water, but also water dispensers for residential, commercial and industrial businesses.  We also install water softeners, provide bottled water, water concentrate, and emergency water.

Check out our water purification and water treatment systems and experience the best in premium drinking water. Visit us today!

What is pH Water?

By definition, it means Potential Hydrogen; the amount of H (hydrogen) ions concentrated in a substance or solution. In our bodies, pH affects EVERYTHING: At low pH levels (acidity), our immune system weakens and leads to dysfunction, allowing degenerative agents to thrive.

What this means to you?

We measure the acidity/alkalinity in our bodies and the food we consume by their pH level. All food we ingest influences our body‘s pH level. By consuming acid forming foods, our body is continuously fighting to neutralize the excessive acid to retain a normal pH balance. Our bodies need alkaline pH for good health.

Pure and Simple, it's better water.

Through extensive research and development, we have successfully created an All Natural Ionic Calcium Alkaline water that produces a stable 9-10 pH . Our patented filtration and infused calcium system delivers pure ionic calcium alkaline water that tastes great while it hydrates better and faster than typical filtered or bottled water.

Our Products and Services

  • Water Bottles and Emergency Water sales
  • Refill your Water Containers
  • Home and Commercial System sales
  • Water Softeners and Dispensers
  • Quality water containers
  • 24 hour vending machines available

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